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The Women’s Running Coaches Collective exists to support, unite, inform, inspire and empower (elevate) women coaches.

Below, we have compiled a list of all the newsletters that they have produced, including interviews with some AMAZING women in coaching!

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March 7, 2019: Dealing with competitive anxiety and more with Adrienne Langelier

Melissa Hill talks with Adrienne Langelier, Sport Psychology Consultant, about competitive anxiety, fear of failure or success, overly involved parents, goal setting and much more!

January 31, 2019: The WRCC Talks with Joan Benoit Samuelson

Probably no female distance runner in U.S. history has done more to shine a light on our sport than Joan Benoit Samuelson.

January 21, 2019, Part I: Women Coaches Talk Track and Field at the Nike NW HS Track and Field Clinic

Part II: Women Coaches Talk Track and Field at the Nike NW HS Track and Field Clinic

The WOMEN’S RUNNING COACHES COLLECTIVE proudly presented “Women Coaches Talk Track and Field” – a panel of women coaches at the Nike NW HS Track and Field Clinic held at the Nike World Headquarters on January 12th, 2019. This incredible panel of women coaches came from all areas of track and field, and running. They included a former World Record holder, a NCAA Hepthalon Champion, one of the foremost hurdle coaches in the state of Oregon, a coaching veteran of 45 years, a marathon coaching specialist, a young and successful HS XC Coach, and a creator of Runner2Runner. 

December 6, 2018: Running in College – Helping your athletes prepare for the future

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“Veteran coaches Laura Caldwell and Melissa Hill will help you guide your athletes into the next phase of their lives as an athlete at a D1, D2, or D3 school or as a club competitor. This information can help your athletes make the right choice as individuals for the next step. Included are three insightful interviews with two collegiate athletes and one high school athlete on the process and experience of running in college.”

November 22, 2018: Happy Thanksgiving and What’s Next!

“We are pleased to announce the addition of Amy Yoder Begley to the WRCC’s Committee. As a woman who has run at the high school, college, international and Olympic level, and is now the coach of the 21,000 plus Atlantic Track Club, Amy will bring to the WRCC a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. We are so excited to have her join our efforts to get more women involved in the coaching profession.”

November 9, 2018: Leigh Daniel Cordes – College Coach


“Leigh Daniel Cordes is the Head Cross Country, and Track and Field Coach at Lubbock Christian University. She is also the mom of three children under the age of 6!

“During her college career she won 7 Big 12 Conference titles, and was a 2 time NCAA Champion in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters…”

October 11-25, 2018: Amy Yoder Begley – Journey from Olympian to Coach – Part 1 and Part 2

10.11.18The WRCC is honored to bring to you an interview with Olympic Distance Runner Amy Yoder Begley about her journey from runner to coach. Along with her coaching partner and husband, Andrew Begley, Amy has gracefully made the transition from being coached to coaching. Her resume is stunning–a Midwest girl holding numerous Indiana HS records and titles, an All-American 15 times, and a two time NCAA Champion at University of Arkansas. In 2008 she became an Olympic Team qualifier with an inspired and courageous finish in the 10,000 meter race in Eugene, Oregon. She struggled and overcame a diagnosis of celiac disease.

“She trained and competed as a member of the prestigious Nike Oregon Project, competing against the best in the world. In 2013 she was named the Head Cross Country Coach and Women’s Assistant Track and Field Coach at the University of Connecticut. In 2016 she became the first full time coach of the Atlantic Track Club along with her husband Andrew…”

August 30-September 13, 2018: Serena Burla – A Running Hero – Part 1 and Part 2

“The Women’s Running Coaches Collective is excited and honored to bring you our interview with distance runner and cancer surviver, Serena Burla. Her strength, courage, and running talent will inspire and help you understand your role as a coach in an athlete’s life.”8.30.18

August 23, 2018: New Co-Editor and Schedule!

The Women’s Running Coaches Collective is proud to announce the addition of Laura Caldwell as Co-Editor of our WRCC Newsletter.

August 16, 2018: The Most Important Coaching Tool – Planning your Season!

“One of the most important tools you have as a coach is the pre-planning of your season. This tool will give you a road map to follow to achieve your training and racing goals for your XC season.

“As you head into this season you need to ask yourself several important questions. What are my goals for training and racing for the team? What kind of athletes do I have on my team? Where do I want to be at the end of the season? And finally, how do I get there? You will then be ready to make a Plan or Periodization Chart that will map out your season ahead…”

August 9, 2018: How to Start or Build a Cross Country Team and other Crazy Ideas!

“Kids today! We worry that they spend too much time on their phones or gaming systems. We’ve read the alarming statistics on inactivity; so how do we encourage participation in something other than a screen?”8.2.18

August 2, 2018: Cross Country Strong!

“An interview with Coach and Trainer Haley Downing. Haley attended George Fox University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance.”

July 27, 2018: The Big Lie about Specialization in Youth Sports7.27.18

“As running coaches we are often asked to work with young athletes who are involved in another sport, and are using running as a fitness tool. These athletes see themselves as a specialist in their first sport and are focused on success from a very young age. They and their parents imagine they will be varsity in high school, will get a scholarship to college, and will eventually become a professional athlete with a high paying contract.

“What is our responsibility as coaches to insure the physical and mental safety of these athletes? What tools and policies can we implement to make sure these athletes are not being overtrained and stressed, especially competitively?”

7.16.18July 16, 2018: Coaching Wisdom from Coach Nikki Rafie

“Nikki Rafie is a 2-time US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier (1996 and 2000), and the winner of the 1995 Portland Marathon. In her 30 years of running, she has run 20 sub three-hour marathons, and continues to be a competitive master’s athlete. She still loves a good race, and remains active in the local running community.

“Nikki started coaching in 2004, working with adult distance runners of all levels. Her passion for helping women develop and succeed has made hundreds of women achieve their goals.

July 9, 2018: A Young Coaches Perspective


An interview with Tiffany Jackson-Spain

“I motivate my athletes by just being energetic, enthusiastic, loving, fan of the sport, and a mentor. I run with them, I jump with them, and even hurdle with them. I lead by example. I’m not just going to tell you, I’ll show you as well.”

June 29, 2018: Out of the Blocks! The Women’s Running Coaches Collective

June 25, 2018: Women’s Running Collective Needs YOU!

As four women who have spent their lives in running as coaches, mentors, athletes, and professionals, we are curious and concerned about the lack of women coaches at all levels of our sport…  

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