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The Coaching Platform’s Mentor/Mentee Program:

  1. Complete the form below
  2. Be patient as we find a match for you. Once this happens, we will email you both to make the introduction
  3. Email, Skype, Talk on the Phone, or Meet in Person at least once monthly for a minimum of 3 months — and hopefully longer!
  4. Be open and vulnerable with your Mentor/Mentee as your professional relationship develops

Find a mentor who has skills in the area you want to develop. That sounds so simple, but it’s the key to a successful relationship. — Erin Lynn

Should you be a Mentor or a Mentee?

If you’ve been coaching at any level for 5 years or more, we want YOU to be a mentor for an aspiring coach. Don’t feel like you need to have something profound to share right away; even acting as a sounding board or a listening ear is incredibly valuable. You have more to offer than you realize.

Regardless of your age, if you are new to coaching (5 years or less), we want to match you with someone who can help you develop your coaching philosophy and coaching skills!

You Ready?